Get Ready - Mental preparation for open heart surgery

Reader Reviews

"I was inspired and enlightened by the candid and forthright approach Theo and Stew shared. 'Getting Ready' helped me face the challenges of open-heart surgery and to move on. A must read for anyone facing a similar surgery!"
Jim Saddler
Huntsville, AL

"Preparing for my heart surgery was not just about me but my family and friends as well.
The medical part was for the healthcare professionals; I had great confidence in them. This book captures the ideal considerations to being ready for the date of surgery, the week following that gives us our new life, and the months of getting better and better, every day. Tedi and Stew have a great story for everyone in your family and circle of friends to read."
Bruce E. A. Ross
Oyster Pond, NS, CANADA

"Sometime in our lives we are all faced with crisis and trauma. Getting Ready will prepare you for that time. My time came when I discovered I needed a Pacemaker. Was I ever thankful I had read Getting Ready. A wonderful resource and an easy read."
Freddie Charles,
Emotional First Aid Specialist
The Trauma Intervention Program, Inc.

"In July of 2002 my doctor told me that I needed triple by-pass surgery. I was scared to death and my hands were trembling.
As an 82-year-old mother of 5 and a non-smoker who was active physically, I certainly did not expect to receive this kind of news. In my mind, only stressed up businessmen in their 50's and 60's had heart by-passes.

Fortunately for me, my good friend Stew Leonard came to my rescue. He let me read his own personal notes that he had put together prior to facing his own aortic valve replacement and heart by-pass operation. He called it his R.E.A.D.Y. book.

Stew's little stapled booklet was like a gift from Heaven. Not only did I continue to read it over and over, but my distraught children also found it had a calming effect on them as well. Stew's collection of positive wisdom as well as his own inspiring words of encouragement quickly made us all realize that we were fortunate indeed that my doctor had discovered my problem in time.

In fact, on the morning of the big event, after taking my blood pressure several times, my nurse said to me, "Lithia, I have never had a patient who was so relaxed prior to major surgery."

Thank God for the R.E.A.D.Y. book."
Lithia Prezkop
Stew's neighbor