Get Ready - Mental preparation for open heart surgery

Getting Ready Mental Preparation for Open Heart Surgery

How to Inspire Yourself
Open-heart Surgery

Open-heart Surgery Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
By-pass Surgery

A downloadable manual
with 33 very important pages
to help you, your friends, and family,
mentally prepare for open heart surgery

You can have this special booklet in your hands in minutes by following the simple instructions at the end of this letter.

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"Your situation requires open heart surgery."

 I heard those words in December of 2003 as my surgeon explained my congenital aortic stenosis. After that sobering pronouncement he went on to explain the surgery prep, the anesthesia, the stopping of my heart, the heart-lung machine that would keep me alive during the operation, the re-starting of my heart, etc. Perhaps you or a loved one has heard these same solemn words recently.

 I knew he was confident and mentally prepared for my operation. BUT was I? And that to me was the most important part of this –– my mental attitude!

 I needed support and quickly, not just from my family but someone who had been through this surgery successfully. My husband and I immediately called our dear friend, Stew Leonard, in Connecticut. He confirmed he had the same operation plus triple by-pass surgery at the same time and now he was hail, hearty, healthy and more active than he'd ever been.

 He said an important part of his miraculous recovery was that he had mentally prepared himself with a very special little booklet he had meticulously compiled. He and his family read it many times prior to his surgery. He called it GETTING R. E. A. D. Y. The acronym and his explanation of the content of each chapter follow:

R -

Research - "Learn all you can about open-heart surgery. Read books, search the Internet and seek out others (you'll find there are many) who've had successful open-heart surgery and leading active lives."

E -

Excellent Doctors - "Your peace of mind will soar when you're satisfied that you have found the best doctor and best hospital."


Attitude Preparation - "Your attitude will play a major part in
the success of your open-heart surgery and that's the 'heart and soul' of this booklet."

D -

Do It Now - "Take care of your problem or your problem takes care of you. This chapter will lead you to an attitude of 'I'm ready. Ready for Action!'"

Y -

Years of Benefits - "You'll discover that making this decision will
positively effect every day of the rest of your life.

 The next morning, by FEDEX, Stew's attitude improving booklet GETTING R. E. A. D. Y. arrived. We devoured the book and gave copies to our daughters. It raised the confidence level in us all.

  I read it in one sitting and each page was power-packed. Loaded with powerful mental conditioning thoughts that I clung to, true success stories of people who had "been there and done that" and, yes, even humor. Example? As Stew was being wheeled out of the prep room to surgery, his son, Stew Jr., who now runs his dairy stores, called out to him, "Hey, Dad! Take the rest of the day off!"

  Five weeks after my valve replacement surgery I was back up at almost full speed. It was at this time Stew suggested I expand each of the chapters of this very helpful booklet with my own experiences, anecdotes and motivating thoughts.

  I agreed. Now you can receive these two successful open-heart surgery success stories for the price of one.

The best is yet to be, the best is on it's way!

Tedi Cox

Stew and I want to provide you with this very important downloadable book.
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Feel free to run your own copies for family and friends.

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